A&G Services International Corp.

We are a strategic sourcing firm capable of covering the entire process from:


As an affiliate of A&G Servicios C.A. a Venezuelan company dedicated to the allocation, sourcing and logistics of
industrial and production equipment, accessories and peripherals to customers in the region.


OFFER our clients the best value to ensure maximum return on investment of capital purchases. By doing this, A&G will be considered as a reliable source of specialty equipment, accessories and peripherals.


BEING a strategic sourcing firm capable of covering the entire process from research, evaluation, negotiation, purchase and logistics.

In this regard, A&G Services International Corp offers first hand access to an increasing pool of North American manufacturers connecting them to its clients located in emerging markets in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

02 Our Team

We are organized in three main departments:

Procurement / Sales / Postsales

Procurement Department
Main responsibilities include:

1) Purchase Planning. 2) Standards determination 3) Supplier research and selection 4) Price Negotiation 5) Specifications Development

Sales Department
Main functions and objectives include:

1) Identify and contact potential new customers. 2) Promote the products and services offered by the company. 3) Manage existing customer relationships. 4) Ensure product meets customer needs.

Post-Sales Department
Main responsibilities:

1) Receive feedback from customers for closed sales. 2) Offer after sales support. 3) Strengthening the bond between the organization and customers. 4) Receive and address customers complaints.

03 What You Should Know

Our main goal is to have 100% satisfied customers by providing all the necessary tools in order for you to get the right product and the right price.

Orlando Gonzalez
President of A&G Services Intl Corp

Our sales team will ensure you only receive the most efficient service from us

Javier Gonzalez
Sales Manager of A&G Services Intl. Corp.